Far Away




the mojave desert

I dreamed

my people

moving through

heat waves

and hunger pains

mothers fathers 


willing life

dying to cross

a line

drawn in sand

drones hovering in air

dangerous spy tactics

always monitoring

the calculation

in military moves 

real life

hunger war games

forcing survival 

the extreme NAFTA

and CIA manipulation

taking land

and killing people

corrupt government

holding meetings

with drug lords

in slick suits

making up

hard core


to act on

with militarized force

feeding masses

misled lies

laced with hate

turning one side


the other

with neither side

existing at all

every day life

selling American 

dreaming material


by elite thugs

and prison profiteers

in slick suits 

making up laws

in corrupt politics

the buddying up

of corporations

filling systems

making a business

out of brown people

handcuffing butterflies

taking away

the freedom

to migrate 

caught by ICE

profiling parents

the leaving 

left alone

in terrified children

separating families

creating impossible reuniting

the written word

in small print 

USA court documents

the taking away 

of Mexico

in parental rights

when accusations fly

calling names out




USA labels

of being brown

in a country

too far 

to care

when not close 

to home

American comfort 

family circles tight

the choice

to be unaware

what’s really going down

south of the border

the human race

running away

when excluding

their own 

mechanical hummingbird

droning on

the keeping 

of government control


in big brother eye

the elite 


on profits 

of brown people


to survive.


c/s tara evonne trudell 2014